F145 above pool lift
F145 Above

F145 Above

The F145 – Above pool lift, height 1900 mm, is recommended for above ground walled pool. Thanks to its structure, it can be fixed to the floor in 3 different ways: an external plate to be fixed with pins or a plate to be drowned in a 60x60x60 cm concrete block or, alternatively, a stainless steel bush.

The F145 is easy to remove from the edge of outdoor pools during winter period.

F145 above fixed pool lifts
F145 above fixed pool lifts
  • Maximum capacity: 140kg
  • Maximum arm travel (without support): 1350 mm
  • Time of down-lifting with weight: 40 sec
  • Time of up-lifting with weight: 40 sec
  • Total weight: 63 kg
  • Battery: 24V
  • Floor fixing plate: 40 x 40 cm
  • Power: 12 V
    • Maximum capacity 140 kg
    • Maximum arm travel (without support) 1350 mm
    • Time of down-lifting with weight 40 s
    • Time of up-lifting with weight 40 s
    • Total weight 63 kg
    • Battery 24 V
    • Power 12 V
    • Electric box
    • External battery charger
    • Rotation 360°
    • Floor fixing plate 40 x 40 cm
    • Steeel structure: zinc coated and powder finished


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