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Enabling water access to people who are physically challenged


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Innovative solutions for the elimination of architectural barriers in the SWIMMING POOL and  VEHICLE TRANSPORTATION sectors,
with high-quality products and technology, entirely  designed
and manufactured in Italy and USA

Remain Independent

With our pool lifts range, you can stay independent and reduces the risk of having injury while on the pool. No underwater installation is necessary. Most of our pool lifts products are portable.

Simple & Easy To Install

Individually engineered to suit your pool and your needs
A perfect solution for swimming pools in schools, training centres or at home.

Installing is easy, after use it can be stored away.

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Improved autonomy and capacity up to 150 kg. Maximum safety degree thanks to its 8 safety levels.
All these features make PandaPool the universal reference in the pool lift field.

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Pool Lifts in Shoalhaven NSW: A New Lift & Retrofitting

If you're a resident of Shoalhaven NSW, you may have noticed some changes at your local council pool. That's because Shoalhaven Council has been working with Direct Lifts to install new pool lifts and retrofit old ones. Lolo Lifts is one of the top-selling pool lifts in our range, designed to be as accessible as possible. They don't require any customisation, making them a great choice for councils and homeowners alike. So far, we've installed a number of Lolo lifts in New South Wales, and we're looking forward to supplying and installing Australia wide in the years to come. Features 181kg lifting...

Pool Lifts – make your pool fully accessible to all.

Swimming is a great leisure activity, but not everyone has the capacity to enter or exit a pool. An injured or handicapped person can utilise the pool lift; being able to swim, exercise, and receive water treatment or hydrotherapy has several advantages. Participation in these activities is essential for both physical and mental health. The convenience of a Pool Lift gives everyone the same opportunity. Therapeutic properties and the buoyancy of the water offers a distinct advantage because it reduces the effects of gravity and allows for an increased joint range of motion. It becomes easier and less painful to...